Geraint Radford is an Olympus Ambassador sepcialising in macro photography. Armed with a deep love of the natural world and a macro lens, he hopes to show that the small world should be treasured.

He is a self proclaimed biscuit enthusiast and a weevil's best friend.

Thanks for visiting my website and I really hope that you enjoy looking at my photographs.


Here's a little bit about me (only a little so I don't bore you.)

Nature and wildlfie in general is amazing. I believe that each being is unique and should be treasured. 

I just love to be outdoors and photography for me is really a way of celebrating the natural world. I love showing others a really cool looking bug or a wonderful animal or scene that I happened to find.

In 2016, after a few fun filled years of commercial photography, I decided to follow my heart and began working towards building a career in photographing nature.

You will notice that I spend much of time photographing insects and small flora. Popping a macro lens on a camera is just like travelling to a different planet and even your garden will be transformed.

I will never trap or move insects, they are photographed exactly where and how they are found. The risk of damaging one of my bug buddies is simply not worth a few pixels.

Togethe with my good chum Rob Cottle, I run nature photography tours and workshops, you can find more info at

I use Olympus equipment to capture my images here's a little list of what I have.

Olympus OM-D EM1 mkii Camera
Olympus 60mm macro lens

Olympus FL900R Flash
Olympus STF-8 Flash unit

If you have any questions about the equipment feel free to send an email to

Thanks for visiting my site!




Cool Stuff 

Highly Commended Outdoor Photographer Of The Year 2016

Portrait of  a Splayed Deer Fly

Digital SLR Photography Magazine Feature  - July 2018

Contributor For WEX Photographic

"Telling Stories with Macro Photography" blog

Highly Commended Outdoor Photographer Of The Year 2017

Portrait of a Pale Tussock Moth

BBC Wildilfe Magazine 2017 Calendar Feature

Portrait of  a Splayed Common Blue Damselfly

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